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The LD5, built for Wingsuit and Tracking

The new LD5 is the true development of containers for wingsuit and tracking BASE jumps, startting with the LD+, the original model of the series in 2007, and has some new features.

The LD5 has the same design as the LD4 but the top part has been redesigned for better shape, risers cover efficiency. Many details, like the pre-shaped bottom flap, make the container sits closer to the body and holds it’s profile even tighter.

Positions of the BOC makes pull time easy and confortable.
Dynamics bottom corners with a rounded design offer a neater packed rig.

The aerodynamics of the container have been improved by using a profile closer to the body, creating a clean air flow over the back when in flight. The profile of the container is held extremely well when packed.

The shape of the container is ergonomically designed with a perfect fit to your body and packing is easy due to the length of the container.

The container is made of Cordura and nylon 210D fabric as standard which offers the best weight and durability.

Because of the elongated bottom part of the container we advise not using this container for slider down or acrobatics.

LD5 Standart

  • Customised LD5 harness/container and colours
  • Standard ABX harness Read more on ABX
  • Brake release toggles
  • Front loop risers
  • 2-pins bridle
  • Hook knife
  • A T-shirt
  • Packing video


• Leg pad pockets: These are useful for storing small items. A pocket on each thigh which is closed with a waterproof zip. Ideal to hold pull up cords, closing loops, rubber bands, carabiners and slings.
• Personalised embroidery: Add a personalised touch to your container! Although each container can be made individual through the colour choices we offer, we know that some want a little more. This option allows for custom embroidery, all colours available.

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