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After 2 years of development, the new Tail-Pocket, the Z-POCKET is available.

the idea, with opening from the top, is not new (see Apexbase). The goal is to avoid premature release of the lines during the deployment phase, thereby increasing the reliability of the parachute opening. Top loading Tail Pocket makes line dump malfunctions a thing of the past.

Its design is completely new:
- wide lines exit at the bottom: no risk of blockage in the event of incorrect stowing but maintains perfectly the lines for an always sequenced deployment.
- locking with a high quality YKK zipper: no more maintenance of velcro, durability, no risk of damaging the lines with velcro.
- lines exit protected with special Kevlar for maximum durability
- rounded design to prevent the extraction bridle from catching on the trailing edge during opening

The Z-POCKET is therefore more reliable and much more durable than the standard Velcro tail pocket. No more need for maintenance.

The Z-POCKET is offered as standard on our ALL-T & RISE canopies.

Available in 2 different sizes, for Dacron or Spectra lines

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