ABX System - Redefining the idea of a harness


Today we would like to talk to you about the INNOVATION... which will change the idea we have about the BASE container...

We invite you to discover a brand new harness system, which design was conceived keeping some features of its predecessors and especially going into other disciplines (paragliding, climbing, etc.) for the technologies, materials and know-how, obtained in very advanced researches on perfomance, comfort and safety.

This new harness is the result of two-year long development in the factory and in practice. Besides the materials and the design, the harness offers a small revolution on safety, especially during the opening sequence. To solve the problematic practices in the real life, the following solutions have been adapted into this harness.

We call it he ABX system.


Helping to discrease the risks of orientation or twists at the opening of the parachute

Innovation : ABX system

“abs” = security system on the paragliding harness adopted long ago.

X in this design is for the function to distribute and transfer the forces occurring during the opening sequence.


The ABX system allows the control of the opening axe from the moment the canopy takes it over. This system is not 100% guaranteed anti-twist, but it significantly reduces the risks to cause or aggravate twists or rotations at the opening by poor body position, regardless of the type of the jump (low jumps, tracking or wingsuit).

Operation of ABX system

At the opening, once the user is being lifted in the harness, the system ABX allows to distribute and equalize forces between two risers. During the deployment phase the asymmetrical position is compensated by the transfer of forces on the opposite riser (similar to the anti-roll bar of a paragliding harness).


This ABX system avoids the concetration of the asymmetry, and therefore significantly reduces the risk of the aggravation in orientation. It reduces the inertia of the eventual canopy orientaton during the opening. The ABX system is integrated in the back of the container and does not require any settings.

Improving the resistance to the effort, as in the tearing related to new practices of the jump/fligh


Multidirectional safety seams redesigned to distribute the effort in the optimal way. These seams have the resistance superior to the conventional skydiving harness.


Soft-Bar system is now integrated in the harness.

Reducing the weight and bulk of the harness while improving comfort.


- From high strength polyester strap to customed design by AdrenalinBase. The strap is more narrow (30mm), doubled in width where required (below the thighs) for more comfort.


- Aluminium “aeronautics” buckles, the hardest aluminium (similar to climbing buckles) especially designed by AdrenalinBase and custom made.


Anti-sliding (from straps) buckles. Very light, with the weight gain of 200 grams compared to conventional buckles. The new system allows to preset the length of the chest strap (memory setting) – and by this the opening/closing of the chest strap is done without its usual additional tightening every time.


This new system reduces the risk of error when closing the chest strap.
The tightening of the chest and legs straps got easier and more effective.

Increasing the versatility and improving the safety before jumps – during the approaches, for example

Novelty : the harness pre-equipped for the abseiling


Without being CE approved, this harness has undergone the same tests of the resistance performed for the certification of climbing harnesses. The pre-equipment consists of 2 small buckles into which a rope can be threaded to establish the anchor point. AdrenalinBase proposes a kit weighing 20 grams in total, in dyneema.

Resistance and efficiency tests


The main structure of the harness has been tested on the basis of TSO specifications - the skydiving standards – as minimum criteria for success. The tests showed greater resistance from a general point of view, and especially in extreme configurations (high load – speed – asymmetry and the combinations of these factors), through better distribution of forces and thanks to the multidirectional seams.

Abseil / belay

The tests have been carried out according to the procedure of certification tests for climbing harnesses.


The harness has been tested in the laboratory – on machines – to analyze and optimize its function. Numerious test jumps have been realised before the public presentation of the ABX harness – at varous speed, at various asymmetrical opening positions in different angles (base – pitching – pushing of shoulders, of pelvis – in wingsuit and tracking suit).


As conclusion, our goal with this harness is to fundamentally revise the traditional view on the harness straps and webbing. We believe, the ABX harness is an important step in the development of this category of the equipment, we hope it will become your new partner in the jumps :)

To offer the equipment of even more performance and even more safety is our calling. Being a driver of innovation in the creation of parachutes is our vision...

AdrenalinBase Team