AdrenalinBase, specialist for base jump equipment

AdrenalinBase opened in 1996. In 2000 Jean Noel ITZSTEIN decided to create a lighter, versatile and robust harness...

The Zak was born. From this know-how and the experience acquired in the field, in the mountains, on cliffs, AdrenalinBase has continued its research to offer ever more comfortable and reliable products. The designs, the materials and the techniques of production are studied and selected with the greatest care, in partnership with recognized actors of the world of BASE, mountaineering, skydiving and paragliding.

We are located in the Chamonix Valley and it is not a coincidence! Our passion for the mountain and the flight are our engine to develop new products. A long experience in the design of harness and canopies feeds our ideas every day for innovative equipment adapted to each parts of BASE, from the urban low jump to the long wing flights.

Our belief: to be a parachute manufacturer exclusively guarantees that all our efforts go towards the improvement of these products only, so that they are the best possible.

The products are imagined and tested in this synergy, the same passion animates us and we hope to share it with you! Good jumps, good flights!