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The PITCH is our vision of the Disc Vent Ring Pilotchute, that has proven to be an optimal design for pilotchute application. We focused on consistent, strong and stable pull, at all speeds,  that would give minimal oscillation as well a lightness and durability. We used the 3D toroidal design and worked on the perfect profile to achieve the parameters we wanted, and achieve our own design.

The PITCH is made with 2 different designs, depending on the size :

The range 32,34,36 & 38 has a 4 gores design. A ring vent and an apex vent are used to stabilize the PITCH at higher speed range. The handle is an octagonal tube without hole that could catch your finger.

The range 40,42,44,46 & 48 has a 6 gores design and  is designed for low speed. For the low jumps we focused on the strongest extraction force but keeping enough stability. There is no vent on the apex but we have included a double ring vent. This range includes a soft cap handle, that has very low profile, but still offer a strong grip (only the size 40 has the octogonal tube)
The PITCH series integrates a low profile single connection point for friendly and perfectly symmetrical attachment.
The best quality mesh and ZP fabric, together with laser cutting and attention to detail, all amount to high quality and precision.

The Disc Vent Ring Pilotchute design can improve heading performance, and ultimately jumper safety.
The PITCH comes in standart colors, black & white. Custom colors are possible in option (extra fees).

Math ?
Some overpowered marketing, would have you believe that the best designs are the result of science and technology worthy of NASA .... they absolutely are not.
Yes, we design our products on the computer, Yes they are made using the best equipment (laser cutting, automatic sewing machine), but brain's juice, extensive practice and passion remain the main design tools. We are often told that ADRENALINBASE should have more effective marketing, we prefer to spend our time and resources in the design and build quality, rather than spending time trying to sell them to you.

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