LD5 Ultra Light

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The LD5 Ultra Light, for Hike & Fly

We offer a light weight version of the LD5 which is specifically designed for hike and fly BASE jumps.
The container is the same design as the standard LD5 but has been dramatically reduced in weight through the use of light materials : 210D nylon for outside flaps, Skytex Porcher for inside and packpad, light durable foams and plastic honeycomb stiffeners.

The integral harness is ABX design and functions the same as the regular ABX harness but is built with light dyneema webbing. The custom buckles are light weight and quick release.

The use of light weight materials does not detract from safety. This new harness (900 grs)  has the same strength and resistance as the standard ABX.

Because of the elongated bottom part of the container we advise not using this container for slider down or low acrobatics.


Customized LD5 harness/container and colors
Harness ABX Dyneema
AdrenalinBase aluminium buckles

Front loop risers
BRT toggles
2 pins bridle
hook knife
A T-shirt


Thigh pockets: Useful for storing small equipment. One pocket on each thigh padded by. Pockets easily removable.
Aluminium Buckles: Our standart black buckles are available in blue, orange and flo pink
Custom embroidery: An embroidery on the front plate or on the side panel. Any lettering or logo. All colors available.

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Colorize :PROPLUS
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