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Zak 3, a versatile harness. 

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Zak 3, a versatile harness.

The Zak 3 is the third iteration in the successful Zak series of containers from Adrenalin BASE. A truly versatile container, it’s suitable for both beginners and more experienced jumpers. The design makes it great for all kinds of jumps, and opening speeds, from the slowest to the fastest – it’s even good for wingsuit flying. Additionally, the location of the handle has been carefully considered to optimize access in all jumping configurations.

The new design of the Zak 3 makes it lighter than it’s predecessor, without sacrificing strength or build integrity. Careful attention has been paid to choosing the right materials to build a unique product, that matches our continued high standards of premium quality BASE equipment. A new back panel ensures comfort, while enabling a new, flatter overall profile. Available in a range of sizes, the new Zak 3 is a great fit for all body types, while accommodating all of the common canopy sizes, in both regular and ultra-light fabrics.
The revised pin cover is now integrated in to the right hand side mud flap to give a smooth outer-profile. It offers a completely secure closure in closed, or open flap configuration for very short jumps, particularly when you want to accelerate the opening of the container. Dynamic corners are standard on the Zak 3 and are integrated in the bottom of the container. These fold flat against the side-wall, or against the bottom flap, offering the same protection in either configuration. The new-style ‘integral’ riser covers ensure a complete closure of the container from the side flaps, through to the front. This provides a completely smooth surface, with nothing protruding, irrespective if you go for the standard three ring, or our new ABX harness. Additionally, the lack of plastic stiffener makes for a comfortable rig right across the shoulders.
The overall profile of the Zak 3 ensures total protection of the bridle to the BOC, which accepts all sizes of pilot chutes. The integrated stash bag pocket on the back of the container is accessible in two places, top and bottom, allowing you to get the stash bag out, while still wearing the container. Ideal for urban jumps where speed of exit is important.

Zak 3 can be configured with our new ABX harness system and is a recommended option, whatever type of jumps you do.
We put safety at the forefront of all our container designs and the Zak 3 is no different. It is a great looking all rounder, that’s comfortable to wear and easy to use.
In July 2005 the Zak passed the German DFV tests (in flight, strength, etc.). The Zak 3 has been designed to offer the same reliability.
Every container that we make can be made in your choice of colours. We can add your logos, or those of your sponsors. It's you container, and we'd love to make it as unique as you are !

Zak 3 comes as standard with:

  • Custom harness and a container in your choice of fabrics and colours
    Cordura outside / Parapack inside, offering the maximum strength and durability.
  • ABX harness Read more here
  • Back pad pocket
  • Brake release toggles
  • Dynamics Corners
  • Dive Loops on front risers
  • 2 pin bridle
  • Hook knife
  • Kit loop & rubber bands
  • Packing
  • T-shirt


  • 3 ring release: A cutaway system may be useful if you jump near rivers or in urban areas. This system adds a small amount of extra weight to the harness. The cutaway features stainless steel hardware, which is optimized for maximum strength. The cutaway is not compatible with the ABX harness.
  • Leg pad pockets: These are useful for storing small items. A pocket on each thigh which is closed with a waterproof zip (ideal incase you have a water landing, jumping in the rain or want a water gun battle on the way to the exit).
  • Personalized embroidery: Add a personalized touch to your container! Although each container can be made individual through the colour choices we offer, we know that some want a little more. This option allows for custom embroidery, all colors available.
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