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After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website and download the PDF and send it to :

After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website to fill up the orderform, download the PDF and mail to :

The phoenix-fly Magister ’20 is a wingsuit designed specifically for both lighter wingsuit pilots, and suitable for formation flying as well as more dynamic acrobatics. It’s gripperless design makes it ideal for more agile forms of flying.

In larger flocks the Magister ’20 will enable lighter pilots to fly comfortably with others in intermediate sized suits on both belly and back. Featuring a small arm wing profile and the larger legwing sized like the Havok Carve ’20, the Magister ’20 provides an increased forward drive, without the added drag a bigger suit usually presents for lighter users. This provided a perfect solution for those who have battled to choose between a Shadow’20 aimed at students  and the Havok Carve ’20 which might be an overkill for lighter pilots.

The Magister’20 comes into its own with dynamic aerobatics. Featuring a slightly steeper angle of attack than the Shadow’20 due to the larger leg wing and increase armwing sweep, it generates impressive power to support dynamic flying, and is particularly suited to freefly-inspired acrobatics.

We advise a minimum of 35 wingsuit jumps for those interested in flying the Phoenix-Fly Magister’20.

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