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After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website and download the PDF and send it to :

After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website to fill up the orderform, download the PDF and mail to :

The Strix’21 is aimed at advanced wingsuit pilots who want a high performance all round suit for skydiving and basejumping. The strix’21 is a hybrid design based on our experience with the vampire range. Offering high agility, but also offering backflying and basic acrobatic flight characteristics.

The Strix’21 offers a good balance of performance and fun, ideal for those wanting a wingsuits with a bigger surface area, yet still retaining the flight characteristics that make a suit easy and fun to fly.

The surface area of the Strix’21 was designed with speed and performance in mind, while retaining the agility Phoenix-Fly suits are known for. Proven top of its class in high precision flying.

On the Strix’21 we added to the inflated cells with an improved airlock system.
Like its predecessor, tailwind inflation while backflying remains rigid and without flutter, regardless of angle or speed. We also modified the internal foam leading edge, to form the ultimate knife edge, cutting into the relative wind while providing maximum lift. A 3 degree change in arm wing sweep gives the suit a steeper angle of attack, resulting in a higher flying speed and increased flare capability.
An overall increase in flying speed and handling without an increase in surface size.

Notable the foam edge does not inhibit deployment or limit access to the BOC in any way. Safety is always top priority. Never letting customer safety take a backseat in our design philosophy.

The suit offers smooth flying and trouble free inflation on both belly and back.
For base the high performance, as well as smooth and easy starts make the suit an ideal choice for those looking for a big surface all-rounder.

The Strix’21 has a lots of range at the high end for when you want to fly fast and flat. Optional air locked back vents together with a carefully balanced suit, ensure excellent back flying performance. The Strix’21 is also the perfect platform for camera flyers and/or XRW pilots who are looking to expand their range. Be it on belly or back the suit is easy to fly, at incredible forward speeds.

The Strix’21 is made to the same high standards as all Phoenix-Fly products, utilizing high grade materials and robust double stitching seam construction (as used for canopy manufacturing). Like all suits in the Phoenix-Fly range, The Strix’21 will be custom made to order, tailored to your measurements. It comes standard with chest pocket, backfly inlets and performance foam. Optional are 5/10 base soles and tail, leg and side pockets for (alpine) base and equipment storage during flight.

We advise prior good experience in an smaller surface area intermediate class wingsuit  for those interested in flying the Phoenix-Fly Strix ’21.

Highlights of this years update consist of:

Redesigned lightweight airlock system with quicker pressurization on base starts and less leakage on flares.

Redesigned leading edge with new sleek feel leading edge rubber and narrower sleeve.

Redesigned armwing with reinforced transparent distortion shield front and back with higher rib count.

Redesigned narrower legwing with trip free length for easier handling on base exit points and changed back stash pocket to allow for inner ribs running higher up.

Tighter back leg panels to prevent twisting of the panels in transitions and setback attachment point of the legwing for easier backflying.

Redesigned body panels and bootie.

New longer body zipper system for better, snugger fit and easiest get-in-and-out handling.

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