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The new Vampire Alpine is a brand new wingsuit design based on the hugely popular Vampire Sukhoi.

After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website and download the PDF and send it to :
After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website to fill up the orderform, download the PDF and mail to :

The Alpine ’20 takes the best from the SU-Competition ’20 and the  SU ’20 platforms, with the added performance increase with the PF unique deflector hole and Fins, but specifically tailored for high alpine jumps.

When using  our unique Ultra/Ultra Light material, creating the lightest big surface suit ever.
It has 10 custom storage pockets all over the suit, allowing the transport of large amounts of ropes, clothing and additional climbing gear. The suit has the new ’20 modded airlocks for max pressurization, and extra large inlets to allow fast pressurization at higher altitudes.

The Alpine ’20 comes with an option of  custom strap inside the bootie to allow for the use of big climbing shoes, while retaining tight fit and control also when wearing normal footwear. Always providing the user with a tight fitting bootie on exit and during flight without any risk of slip or unwanted movement. The suit also features a thicker rib design, creating more volume, and resulting in less arm fatigue while maintaining its easy pull characteristics. For those wishing less pressure inside the armwing, there are pressure adjustment zippers.

The suit features a wider sleeve design, with a thinner leading edge to accommodate for mountaineering clothing, yet retaining the accessible BOC.

Contact us for fine customization of your Alpine’20 platform to suit your jumping style needs!

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