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After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website and download the PDF

After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website to fill up the orderform, download the PDF and mail to : commande@adrenalinbase.com

The Havok Carve is the n° one choice for all wingsuit pilots with power and agility in mind. A big suit in performance, but a small suit in terms of handling. It has been designed primarily for high power acrobatics and camerawork, but the suit also offers great range and ability in BASE jumping giving quick and clean starts, smooth flying, an easy pull and a great performance envelope.

The Havok Carve:

Tested to extremes by experts in acrobatic and agile flying, the Havok Carve has been designed with safety and controllability in mind. Giving the pilot full control, regardless of orientation, the suit offers sharp flying and with fine tuned inflation it has been key in making modern day flying and carving techniques possible.

In acrobatics the Havok Carve is the number one choice for experienced pilots. For backflying the suit is unparalleled in range, and has become the go-to suit in terms of high power acrobatics.

For BASE jumpers, the Havok Carve has one of the easiest pulls possible due to its no-gripper design, and features lots of customizable options suited to alpine jumping. It comes standard with a tail wing stash pocket, which can stash hiking gear on BASE jumps, or function as a pocket for a padded seat cushion on long plane rides up.

We advise a minimum of 80 wingsuit jumps for those interested in flying the Phoenix-Fly Havok Carve.


- Parapack
- Performance foam
- Smart phone chest pocket


- Fabric Cameroon ultralight
- 5.10 soles Base
- Dual leg cargo pockets
- Tail Deflector Cargo Pocket
- Action cam - belly mount hole
- Cutaway system

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