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The SU-T is our top range performance wingsuit, designed for glide in base and skydive.

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Designed with a wider planform, the suit is the most stable and agile option available on the market for those looking for large surface wingsuits. Combined with a wider leg stance, the suit has a purpose built trim for the highest glide possible.

We redesigned the armwing, with preformed leading foam shaping the cleanest leading edge possible for airflow optimization.

The suit comes standard with chest and tailwing pocket, and optional can be made with pockets for hiking poles, ropes (side pockets), camera hole and 5/10 BASE soles.

We’ve also changed the front zippers, making acces and donning of the suit more comfortable, while maintaining the tight body fit unique to Phoenix-Fly, and preventing the loose fit issues of a comparable single zipper designs.

The suit has a massive flare, that can be used functional or for fun, but does not reply on it for access to the BOC. In any mode flown, the suit features an accessible pilotchute, allowing for easy reach deployment at any point of the jump. For those wishing less pressure inside the armwing, there are pressure adjustment zippers.

The suit can be made from Parapak, Ultralight material or a hybrid parapak top surface and UL bottom skin and inside panels.

From its introduction as the 2018 WWL race in China, the suit showcased top glide, speed and accuracy, resulting in top podium results.

For those with skydiving in mind, and PPC style races, the suit also showcases top performance and through testing and input has resulted in consistent podium results.

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