Onesie Power 20

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The all new Onesie Power ’20 offers faster inflation due to new scoup inlets, solid pressurisation with a newly added airlock vents and a noticeably  faster  exit starts in comparison to the standard Onesie Power.

The biggest change in this years upgrade is the shaping and size of the sidewing which along the new airlock system and inlets, allows for noticeably faster starts without sacrificing maneuverability and slightly improves the glide with same speed and easy handling of the Onesie Power you know.

The lower portion of the suit and the arm sleeves were also streamlined and redesigned for better airflow and the crotch has been lowered.

The spandex panel to minimize zipper failure upon openings, while wearing base jumping gear within the suit, has made it’s way back on to the suit.

We also included the new array of pockets, magnetic fasteners and quick reach loops for zippers.

All though the suit is larger it still offers a running exit for BASE jumping and with the new deflector shape, the pull is very easy. 

It’s made in both parapak and ultralight versions with YKK zippers, 5.10 soles and anti slip bootie straps.

The Onesie Power ’20 is recommended for experienced one piece trackers in BASE jumping and skydivers with 150 jumps.


- Tissu Parapack
- Poche poitrine


- Tissu léger
- Vol dos
- Semelles 5.10 Base
- Poche déflecteur
- Ouverture caméra
- Poches bâton

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