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After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website and download the PDF and send it to :

After adding your product to the cart, for colors and measurements use the Phoenix Fly website to fill up the orderform, download the PDF and mail to :

The new Phoenix-Fly Onesie bridges the gap between wingsuit and tracking suit. Featuring ram-air wings and an arms free design, the suit features the performance of a small wingsuit while maintaining the freedom of movement and ease of use of a normal tracking suit.

The Onesie is an easy and stable flying platform designed with basejumping in mind, but also a great entry level suit for skydivers with wingsuit flying on their mind.
The wings alongside the body, together with the legwing provide a the lift, automatically provide the user with the right pitch angle, meaning less effort in finding the right body position.

Our standard tracking suit is still the recommended choice for a first tracking suit, but for experienced trackers looking to bridge the gap towards wingsuit flying, the Onesie is a perfect choice.

The suit uses Ram Air inlets to inflate the jacket and pants. Its made from Parapak fabric with reinforcements in the important areas. YKK zippers provide a secure and easy means of getting in and out of the suit. The Onesie does not restrict movement in any way during exit, flight or opening.

We advise a minimum of 150 skydives for anyone wanting to try a Onesie. Previous experience on our normal trackingsuits is recommended.


- Parapack fabric
- Chest pocket


- Ultralight fabric
- Back fly inlets
- 5.10 soles Base
- Tail deflector cargo pocket
Action Cam – Belly Mount Hole

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