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After adding your product to the cart, download and complete the order form at the bottom of the page and send it to : commande@adrenalinbase.com

After adding your product to the cart, download and complete the order form at the bottom of the page and send it to : commande@adrenalinbase.com

Atair introduces the OSP, a brand new BASE jumping canopy optimized for sub-terminal jumps (up to 8 seconds). The canopy design has been optimized for low altitude jumps whether slider down or up.

Like all the Atair canopies, the construction is reinforced in the critical areas.
MDV system is standard on the canopy.
Compared to the Troll, it differs in two areas :
- Opening : faster, better pressurization, lower flying speed (both horizontally and vertically)
- Deep brake flight : more range and reacts even better to control inputs

This canopy is ideal for jumps with delays up to 8 seconds. The canopy can be jumped also at terminal velocity.

SLAT system :

The ZP leading edge utilities « Slat » technology, helping to further improve the performance of the canopy in deep brake flight. The « Slat » system (situated on the leading edge of the cells 3, 4 et 5) allows :
- To reduce the forward speed of the canopy at opening, allowing more time to correct your heading with the risers where it counts as low jumps offer little object separation.
- Improved deep brake flight : accurate toggle response with less inertia during steep braked approaches (transitioning from full brake to lesser braked flight) making accuracy landings easier.

MDV System

The vents system on the Atair Canopies is called Mono Directional Valve technology or MDV technology. This design allows the air to flow in, from the bottom surface, during pressurization and also during deep brake descent. The vents closes when air is rushing in from the nose and avoids back pressure coming from the tail.The MDV offers faster complete pressurization, specially on « slider down » jumps, more stability by increasing the range in which you can fly in deep brakes before you actually reach the stall point.Faster complete pressurization means less altitude loss during opening, but also better on heading performance and give to the jumper control over the canopy immediately. Standart on the OSP.

ZP nose

Used on the Trango canopy since 2008, this improvement had proven to help to keep the original lift on deep brake approaches and also more power for the landing flare during the entire life of the canopy.  Standart on the OSP.

Light fabric

The light fabric used on the Trango is now available on all Atair Canopies. This fabric offers approximately a 25% reduction in packing volume and weight, without significantly reducing the resistance and lifespan of the canopy.

OSP Standard

- SLAT & MDV system
- Tail Pocket
- 2 brakes setting
- Control lines in different color
- Big mesh slider
- Tail Gate system


- Black lines
- Vectran Lines
- Light fabric
- Slow  slider
- Black trim tape and thread

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