When you order one of ours available package (harness + canopy), you will get free accessories (BRT toggles and Classic stash bag), and a pilotchute with 50% off.

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  • ABX Harness


    Available on all our containers

  • HYBRID 3


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ADRENALINBASE, specialist in Base containers

Since 1996 the company Adrenalin Base located in Chamonix Mont Blanc valley (France) has been
at the leading edge in design, development and manufacture of B.A.S.E jumping equipment.
In close collaboration with Atair Canopies, research on different materials and profiles have enabled Adrenalin Base
to produce state of the art containers adapted to the demands of modern day B.A.S.E jumpers,
whether it be for Himalayan peaks or high performance wing suit and tracking jumps.
Dedicated to improving safety and quality, it has proved itself as a leader in the industry.